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Compete on a European class track

We have rebuilt several Volvo 740s with a steel cage and rally seats and a 4-point belt. Enjoy single rides or compete with friends. There are two seats in each car, so you can bring a passenger with you for a round.

The competition includes a maximum of 4 cars running against eachother.

Musa Raceland track is equipped with a motorsport standard safety equipment and accoring to LAF (Latvian Automobile Federation) requirements are accredited autocross track.

Service is available for persons age 18 and over. Driving licence is required.


The ultimate autocross experience

Enjoy rides on main track with with a 250cc buggy equiped with automatic transmission gear box.

This is a solo activity, as we want to avoid crashes.


Race hard (with fumes and splashes…)

Our off-road track is 9-hectare area containing many obstacles e.g. deep water holes, ditches, higher and lower hills, marshes and other difficult obstacles.

The track is build to fit different customer skills, so each driver will find the most suitable and the most appropriate route to fully enjoy off-road.

Rides are conducted by Jeep Wrangler 4x4 off-road vehicle wheel. All cars are equipped a winch and safety steel cage.

Service is available for persons age 18 and over. Driving licence is required.


Enjoy rides with children ATV and “Willy’s" military jeep replica

Musa Raceland kids jeeps are built as an replica of the old Willy's military jeep, with a 150cc petrol engine with three forward gears and one rear gear.

Rides with kids jeeps and ATV’s are held in approximately 400 meters long kids off-road track.

Suitable for children between 7 and 15 years old.


Perform in children buggy track

The buggy track is about 250 metres long and 4 meters wide. The track is equipped with rubber rims safety fence against driving off the track.

Buggies are equipped with 60cc engines, steel safety frame and a 2-point belt. Maximal driving speed is ~30km/h.

Suitable for children between 6 and 9 years old.


Children's world - excellent place for a leisure with kids or kids party

Children world is 3000 m2 inclosed area next to main track, where kids can ride electric cars on miniature roads equipped with road signs. Besides driving cars children have have fun in each of the 10 specially build playing houses.

This area is excellent for children's birthday party. While kids have fun in Children's world, parens has free access to tables and benches to prepare festive meal or relax.

Children's world is continuously monitored by Musa Raceland staff and customers are welcome to leave the children under supervision while using adult entertainment packages.

Territory is equipped 10 electro mobiles, 10 small buildings, picnic tables and benchesd, trampolines and slides.

Suitable for children between 2 and 6 years old.

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