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01 / 05 / 2017
Musa Race Land is open from 1 st of May until 15th October

Starting from 1st of May, starting from 10:00, you are welcome to enjoy our leisure and entertainment activities.
Feel free to visit us with family, friends or colleagues to chalange your motorsports skils, or simply relax and enjoy the surroundings of Musa Race Land.

We offer:

• Different type of motorsport activities (folklrace, offroad, ATM, buggies) for adults and kids.

• Enjoy meal in our new restaurant. While your meal is being prepared, your kids can spend time in special entertaining area for kids.

• When weather reaches appropriate temperature, you can enjoy Mūsa river beech by swimming or simply catching sun, or playing beech volleyball.

• If you feel to improve your driving skils, please book driving lessons in our rally school section.
You can get more information on any of our activities in website sections or you can contact our customer service dialing +4670-5901920 or fill our customer form for more information:
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